Events for 2024

These are the shows that I will taking part in this coming year. For details click on the links to the events. Please keep checking back as more may be added to the list.

York Ceramics Fair

Ceramics in Charnwood

Ceramic Market, Swalmen

Potfest Scotland

Hepworth Ceramics Fair

Summer Exhibition @Bevere Gallery

Celebrating Ceramics

Potfest in the Park

Potfest Suffolk

A selection of bowls are @ Jackson O'Connor - Ceramics

New work is always on show at the studio, message us at [email protected] and we will be delighted to welcome to our lovely garden.

A Baker's Dozen

An invitation from the Centre of Ceramic Art, York to make limited edition tea caddies to accompany 'the Yorkshire Tea Ceremony' celebrating 20 years since the WA Ismay Collection came to York. Hand-built, coiled, hexagonal caddies, wood-fired with carved English Oak lids. The 13 caddies have a wood-ash glaze to the outside and various glazes and impressed motifs to the inside. They carry the COCA hexagonal stamp together with the makers marks. 

Making the Bases
Waiting to be fired
Making the lids
A finished caddy



  • Potfest Glynde Place
  • Ceramics in Charnwood

  • Ceramic Wales

  • The Hepworth, Wakefield Ceramics Fair

  • Celebrating Ceramics
  • Potfest in the Park 

  • Potfest Suffolk
  • Ceramics in Southwell

  • Only Clay, Sheffield


  • Ceramics in Charnwood

  • Ceramic Wales

  • Potfest, Compton Verney

  • Potfest in the Park 

  • Ceramics in Southwell

  • Only Clay, Sheffield


  • The Log Book, Issue 72
  • New Ceramic, Issue 3/16
  • Klei, Issue 4/15
  • Wood-Fired Ceramics 100 Contemporary Artists by Amedeo Salamoni
Physalis in a spiral bud vase with willow ash glaze