workwear for the hard working

When I first started making pots the only place to buy an apron was the cook shop or pottery supplier. They were flimsy, didn’t offer much protection and were uncomfortable to wear. Other professional potters we knew had much the same experience.

Laura is a professional curtain maker, understands fabric engineering and industrial sewing techniques and with a brief from several potters, set about making ‘The Split Front Potter’s Apron’ perfect for those that throw.

Our friends bought them and the good news spread, many coming back for a second apron. Made from premium grade 10 oz denim, the apron is durable but very comfortable to wear, with no messy ties. The unique adjustable back strap means the apron fits almost everyone and the snap buckle is quick to use.

However, if you are petite or six feet four, if you talk nicely to Laura she will make one just for you:

[email protected]

“I received the apron today and it’s just perfect.  Thanks very much for posting it so quickly"

“We are absolutely thrilled with it. Very good quality material, generous in size...and beautifully made”

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New Hand-BUIlDer's APron

And now a bespoke apron for hand builder's. 

Same hard wearing denim, same high quality. The split front becomes a 'bucket' to collect all those fettlings and scraps. Less mess and stops them from falling on the floor.

It still features an adjustable back strap and just as comfortable to wear, where better to wipe your dirty hands?

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General purpose Apron

We realised after many requests there was a need for a less specialist apron that would be ideal for general studio and craft work. A looser fit that simply slips on but always stays put. Slip it off and hang it up for next time.

Two big pockets and crossover straps, made from a lighter weight, hardwearing, charcoal grey denim. Same high quality that washes just like your jeans.

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